This installation was completed for Come Up To My Room 2016, an annual exhibit held at the Gladstone Hotel located in downtown Toronto. The piece was fabricated entirely by hand from 804 sheets of paper, cut and folded to create 1,608 units of origami. Six units were interlocked to make a single shape. The shapes were suspended with clear wire and illuminated with LED lights.

The installation was conceptualized as a geometric translation of Toronto. The six units comprising each shape, symbolic of the six townships that originally formed the city. The piece densifies and expands like a growing populace. (For more information on CUTMR2016 and the installation, click here. For proposal and description of work, click here.)

Year: 2016

Credits: Curators, Jana Macalik and Nuria Montblanch / Director of Exhibitions, Lukus Toane / Design, Installation, and Photography below by IALC